Base Maintenance

The modern base maintenance facility at Maastricht Airport consists of 2 hangars, 5 bays and can accommodate all types of regional turbo prop and jet aircraft up to the 100 seat capacity. Capabilities vary from minor inspections and checks to heavy maintenance checks such as C, D, 36K and 40K cycle/hour checks, major structural repairs, repairs, modifications, cargo conversions, interior refurbishment and avionics installations & modifications.

The base maintenance supporting workshops are able to accommodate wheels, brakes, battery overhaul, composite repairs, paint repairs and interior refurbishment activities.

Punctuality, budget control, together with a solution based approach are several of the primary objectives that customers will notice during their visit to the facilities. Type experience will enable SAMCO to resolve discovered defects without delay thereby minimizing the risk of cost escalations or delays.

The detailed project planning, spare part pre-load analysis and daily reporting to customer representatives are some features that enable SAMCO to create the added value to their services. The customer representatives will have 1 focal point within the organization enhancing communication. A dedicated office space with all amenities enables SAMCO clients to perform their duties on site at the facilities.

With a paint facility adjacent to the facility SAMCO is able to provide a one stop shop service. Major engine and prop overhaul shops are in the vicinity of the facilities.

With the Base Maintenance facility located in central Europe SAMCO is able to obtain materials within hours from the Bombardier, Embraer, ATR and Fokker warehouses.