28 June 2019, SAMCO and Swiss successful in completing heavy maintenance checks on Airbus A220

Swiss International Airlines was the launching customer for the Airbus A220 (known as the Bombardier C Series in 2016) and selected SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance to perform the first heavy maintenance checks on their fleet.
"We value the trust Swiss has placed in us and we remain fully committed to strengthening our relationship with Swiss by meeting and exceeding their expectations. This was the first nose to tail program of heavy checks to be carried out on the Airbus A220 and provides a strong endorsement of the quality and skill sets of the team involved, our capabilities in the narrow body segment and of our dedicated MRO facilities at Maastricht Airport." said Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance.
Swiss' fleet of 28 Airbus A220 aircraft have been visiting the SAMCO facilities at Maastricht Airport since mid-december 2018 and all aircraft returned to service without abnormalities.
"We consider the Airbus A220 a significant part of our strong core business and overall strategy, our choice to expand the facilities at Maastricht Airport to accommodate the aircraft type has proven to be successful and we are proud of achieving such an excellent track record on such a sophisticated aircraft." states van Schaik.

10 December 2018, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance receives EASA approval for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 Line Maintenance

SAMCO has recently been approved for Line Maintenance activities on the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft families. This addition to the portfolio of services already offered by SAMCO, increases its ability to serve new and existing customers. The development of MRO capacity for this market is a strategic decision and it accommodates the increasing requests for support on these airframes. SAMCO completed the work on a new hangar facility earlier this year which is large enough for the A320 and 737 family of aircraft.

Please contact our sales team for any inquiries.

12 September 2018, MRO Management - From C to A

Having received all required regulatory approvals, Airbus, Bombardier and Investissement Québec agreed to close the C Series transaction earlier in 2018, which became effective on 1 July 2018. The transaction by which Airbus acquired a majority stake in the C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP) had been initially announced in October 2017. The partnership, which was originally established between Bombardier and IQ, will benefit from Airbus’ global reach, scale, procurement organisation and expertise in selling, marketing and production. As a result, the C Series CS100 and CS300 have been rebranded and are referred to throughout this article as the A220-200 and A220-300.

In 2017, 17 A220 aircraft were delivered, which should be doubled this year. During the past year, Korean Air became the third operator of the type following earlier deliveries to launch customer SWISS and to airBaltic. In May 2018, airBaltic, the first operator of the A220-300 back in December 2016, announced a firm purchase agreement for the sale and purchase of 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft with options for an additional 30 aircraft of the same type. The order complements the existing order of 20 A220-300 aircraft and forms the backbone of the new airBaltic’s business plan Destination 2025. The first Airbus deal came at Farnborough, with the signing of an MoU for 60 A220-300 aircraft for a new US start-up airline backed by a group of experienced investors led by David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue, investor in TAP in „Portugal and controlling shareholder in Azul Linhas Aéreas in Brazil.

Maintenance support strategy

In light of the involvement of Airbus in the programme, the maintenance support strategy for the A220 aircraft is developing so that it can rely on Airbus’ extensive global network. Additionally, the experience of A220 operators is that the transition to Airbus’ leadership of the programme is being a very smooth one. “With the Airbus involvement in the programme, we are glad to have another very strong partner by our side. As the owner of the controlling stake in the programme, Airbus, with its vast experience and resources, clearly has a central role in further enhancing the maintenance support strategy,” says airBaltic.

“We have always enjoyed excellent support from CSALP/Bombardier on the C Series and that is in equal measure also true for the Airbus support on our A320, A330 and A340 fleets. There was no interruption or degradation at all of the support given during the transition of the C Series to Airbus,” says SWISS.
“Bombardier has already dispatched experienced line maintenance technicians to support line maintenance at Korean Air. The cooperation of technicians and engineers from the two parties has promoted the technical understanding of the C Series and improved overall maintenance efficiency. Therefore, for now, there has been no dramatic change in maintenance support after the rebranding to A220-300 from CS300. We expect that Airbus would gradually support us with an improved maintenance programme based on professional experience and a bigger support infrastructure,” says Korean Air.

Indeed, Airbus is building on the maintenance know-how, which existed prior to the C Series acquisition, and is currently reviewing the extension of the Airbus portfolio of services to the A220. “This includes, in particular, the spare parts worldwide distribution leveraging the extensive Airbus network. Integration work is ongoing,” says Airbus.

Maintenance experience

Several maintenance tasks have been performed on the aircraft since its entry into service (EIS), but no major ones have been conducted yet. “The A220 customers have performed all maintenance as required by the certification authorities. Well over 70 line checks have been completed with no findings. It should be noted this is a new aircraft programme, early in its lifecycle, so there will not be any heavy checks for some time yet,” says Airbus.

“Since entry into service all applicable scheduled maintenance tasks were performed as per the maintenance planning document (MPD). These tasks include inspections, operational checks, functional checks and general servicing, for example, the
lubrication of components,” says SWISS.

The first A220-300 was delivered in December 2017 to Korean Air, which is now operating six A220-300 with four more to come. “Three of them have completed the first A check since their EIS. The A checks were successfully carried out following the maintenance programme and manuals, and no significant flaw has been discovered,” says Korean Air. “For the successful EIS of the first A220-300, experts from Bombardier and its authorised service facility SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance visited Korea and supported Korean Air’s maintenance personnel up close on site. It was a meaningful opportunity for us to understand more about the newly introduced aircraft with a strong communication channel built between the two entities. Bombardier also allocated some spare parts in Seoul to support our operation. So far, we have been quite satisfied with the aftersale support programme of the A220-300.”

airBaltic does line maintenance up to A checks on the A220-300 aircraft. “Similar to other technology sectors, there are certain technical nuances in aviation that are characteristic to new equipment that require additional attention and upgrades during the initial stages of exploitation. We are working in close cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer, as well as the engine „manufacturer Pratt & Whitney,” says airBaltic. “So far, airBaltic has received 11 of its A220-300 orders. The aircraft has performed beyond company’s expectations, delivering better overall performance, fuel efficiency and convenience for both staff and passengers. The fuel economy of the A220-300 has reached 21%. The aircraft offers excellent flying experience with benefits for passengers such as wider seats, larger windows, more hand luggage space in the cabin, improved lavatories and more. The A220-300 is also much quieter – with a noise footprint, which is four times lower. Moreover, at the moment, it is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world, as it is the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the lifecycle environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20% and 50% respectively.”

Aircraft maintenance organisation SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance is approved for both line and base maintenance, as well as continuing airworthiness management services on the A220. “Base maintenance is being performed from the Maastricht facility, which has recently been expanded to accommodate the A220 as well as other narrow body types,” says Constant van Schaik, Chief Executive Officer of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance. “Additionally, we provide worldwide line maintenance support and entry into service [EIS] support for operators that receive the aircraft during the initial start-up phase. Usually the technicians stay onsite at the operator’s base for a period for four to six months. During this six months, technicians support the operator’s technical staff with performing the regular maintenance tasks and troubleshooting.”

“From our base maintenance facility, we support onsite working parties for upgrades or additional work upon the operators’ request. The onsite work mainly consists of minor upgrade programmes and modifications, which are common to a newly developed aircraft. These upgrades are done without in-service disruption of the aircraft mainly during nights or weekends,” says van Schaik.

“During the first quarter of this year, we have performed a nose to tail upgrade programme for SWISS at our Maastricht facilities. A tight planning and on-site support from Airbus/Bombardier ensured completion ahead of the planned end date. We are now preparing in close collaboration with SWISS and airBaltic the work packages for the first C checks which will start in January 2019. The Maastricht facility is well-equipped including a significant quantity of tooling and equipment.”

“At the moment, Korean Air is operating the A220 very successfully today with a high utilisation. They are managing their services in-house with the technical support of Airbus. As we continue to expand outside Europe, we will be answering the needs of our customers as they enter into service,” says Airbus.

Maintenance training

Since the start of the C Series programme, Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) has been appointed as Authorised Training Provider to ensure that training needs for technicians are fulfilled. “In turn, LTT receives engineering support from the aircraft manufacturer,”
says Airbus. „

“Besides the completion of regular type training and practical training requirements for the issue of the EASA license – which usually takes three to four months – our EIS technicians have been trained at the flight line in Montreal for a six month period prior to the first delivery to SWISS in 2016,” says van Schaik. “During this period, a wealth of vendor training has been received enhancing the competence of our technicians. Our teams have been at SWISS, airBaltic and Korean Air and are planning for Delta Airlines towards the end of the year as well as various other operators in 2019.”

“Korean Air has trained more than 120 qualified maintenance personnel for line and base maintenance through the A220-300 aircraft type training course. The 260-hour training course over 33 days enables the acquisition of both theoretical and practical skills on aircraft system, airframe, electrical, avionics and so on,” says Korean Air. “Also, we have trained more than 260 qualified maintenance personnel who have completed specialised training courses associated with the A220-300 aircraft type training such as engine type training, structural repair training and more. Korean Air Maintenance Training Centre will continue to train qualified maintenance personnel who fulfil the job qualification requirement of MROs and are capable of improving the safety and quality of maintenance.”

Functional systems

The A220 is a new aircraft which, in the experience of the operators, is performing well from a technical point of view. “We regularly review all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with the aircraft manufacturer and suppliers to derive corrective action where applicable. Consequently, there is no system that stands out in terms of criticality over the entire time of aircraft operation,” says SWISS.

“Nuisance messages tend to appear frequently, which is quite common for all newly developed aircraft until they reach a mature stage. We have been implementing counter measures such as modifications and upgrades with the support from the OEM,” says Korean Air. “As agility is critical to tackle the early stage multiple problems, the continuous and robust aftersale support and strong coordination capability of the OEM is essential is essential in the OEM-operator partnership.”

“All the major systems are performing as designed. There are no particular systems issues that stand out as being ‘critical’. We receive excellent feedback in service – operators trust the aircraft. For example, airBaltic has pushed the daily utilisation up to 18 hours per day, while Korean Air and SWISS operate more than 10 legs per day. Repeat orders from airBaltic are a great testimony of this trust,” concludes Airbus.


4 July 2018, Cityjet and SAMCO expand on their partnership in Scandinavia

Cityjet and SAMCO recently renewed their contract for Line Maintenance services on the CRJ900 fleet operating for SAS. "This confirms that our strategy and our partnership with Cityjet are successful, we have always been accredited for our performance both in Line and Base maintenance activities and this step is a great confirmation of that success." says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO.
SAMCO has been providing LIne Maintenance services from its four existing line stations in Scandinavia since early 2016. With this renewal, SAMCO strengthens its position in the region by providing services from a total of six line station as from July 2018.

7 May 2018, SAMCO completes its first Base Maintenance programs on the Bombardier C Series in Maastricht

In the first half year of 2018, SAMCO completed nose to tail heavy maintenance projects on the C Series at its home base in Maastricht. The work was performed in SAMCO's new hangar facility at Maastricht Aachen Airport.
The new facility, which opened early 2018, is located adjacent to SAMCO's existing facility and accommodates aircraft such as Airbus A321 neo and Boeing 737 MAX.

"We are very proud to have successfully completed the first heavy maintenance programs on the Bombardier C Series and we are looking forward to supporting our narrow body customers in the future." says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO.
"SAMCO's entry into the narrow body market is a logical step and we plan for a sustainable growth into this market while continuing strong in our existing markets."

13 April 2018, Opening nieuwe hangaar SAMCO

Op 12 april 2018 is de nieuwe hangar van SAMCO op vliegveld Maastricht Aachen Airport feestelijk geopend door burgemeester Christine van Basten-Boddin. In de nieuwe hangaar is het nu ook mogelijk om werkzaamheden aan vliegtuigen als de Boeing 737, Airbus A321 en Bombardier C-Series uit te voeren. Een glanzende jet van Swiss Air stond als bewijs daarvan in de nieuwe hangar geparkeerd. Algemeen directeur Constant van Schaik toonde zich zeer verheugd dat het bedrijf hiermee meer klanten voor vliegtuigonderhoud kan bedienen.

Tijdens een drukke receptie waren naast personeel ook veel klanten en toeleveringsbedrijven aanwezig.
De bouw van de nieuwe hangaar is nog niet volledig afgerond, maar vanaf nu kan wel aan de grote type vliegtuigen onderhoud worden uitgevoerd. De Provincie Limburg heeft een subsidie toegezegd van € 200.000 ter ondersteuning aan de realisatie ervan op vliegveld Maastricht Aachen Airport.

25 September 2017, SAMCO invests in expanding its Maastricht Airport facilities

Maastricht Airport, 25 September 2017
SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance is expanding its facilities at Maastricht Airport. A new hangar will be build adjacent to the existing facility and will be capable of accommodating Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus 321 neo and Bombardier C Series types of aircraft.
"These are very exciting times for us, this investment is an important step for the long-term future of SAMCO at Maastricht Airport and adds to our sustainable growth.
The new facility gives us the opportunity to support larger aircraft types and the building houses new and improved workshops and increased warehouse/storage space." says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance.

Completion of the facility is expected in February 2018.

25 January 2017, SAMCO receives FAA Approved Repair Station approval

SAMCO has recently been granted an FAA Approved Repair Station approval.
This new approval allows SAMCO to explore new markets for heavy maintenance and component maintenance on aircraft registered in the USA as well as expanding its services to its existing customer base.
"We consider this additional approval as a first step into a new market and a great opportunity for us to continue strengthening our customer base," says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance.

SAMCO currently offers a wide variety of MRO services to regional turboprop and regional jet aircraft. All of these services can now be provided for N registered aircraft.

For more information, please contact

13 July 2016, SAMCO expands its activities and opens a facility at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance recently opened a new facility at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. SAMCO has moved into Hangar 3 which is capable to accommodate aircraft types upto and including the Bombardier 100 & 300 C series and expects to start maintenance activities as from the beginning of August. “This expansion enables us to accommodate requests from our customers and utilize our resources with maximum flexibility according to Mr van Schaik. The company has besides the Rotterdam facility a facility at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

17 June 2016, SAMCO receives C Series Line and Base Maintenance Approval

On 17th of June 2016, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance became the world's first MRO to receive an EASA part 145 Maintenance Approval for the all new Bombardier C Series.
In close cooperation with CAA-NL, SAMCO has achieved a major milestone in the company's history by receiving its C Series Maintenance approval only one day following EASA Type Certification of the aircraft.
By adding the all new C Series to its scope of approval, SAMCO becomes the first independent MRO offering maintenance services on the aircraft type which is now moving into its Entry Into Service phase.

30 May 2016, SAMCO receives EASA Part-147 Maintenance training approval

Maastricht Airport, 30 May 2016

SAMCO has recently been granted the EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training approval by CAA-NL. It's latest approval addition is in line with the company's growth strategy and completes the line of EASA maintenance approvals.
"This is an important addition to our maintenance capabilities, as we are now able to provide maintenance training to our own staff and more importantly, provide maintenance training as a service to our customers." says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance.

The approval is granted for practical training on the full range of Bombardier turboprop aircraft and the company plans to expand its portfolio with more aircraft types later this year.

For more information, please contact

21 March 2016, CityJet selects SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance as CRJ900 line maintenance service provider

CityJet and SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance recently concluded a three year agreement for line maintenance services on the Scandinavian route network of the Irish airline.

The agreement includes a total of four maintenance stations that will support the airline's Bombardier CRJ900 fleet operated for Scandinavian Air Service.
Commencing in March 2016, CityJet will operate services on behalf of SAS using 8 new aircraft, with an option to increase to 14 aircraft in 2017.
"We are delighted to have been selected as the line maintenance provider for Cityjet and securing this contract further strengthens our position as a leading MRO in the regional aircraft market." Says Constant van Schaik, CEO of SAMCO.

About CityJet
CityJet, a truly European airline, is headquartered in Dublin, and has offices in Antwerp and London, with staff residing across Europe, in The Netherlands, France, The United Kingdom and Ireland.
Since becoming independent last year, CityJet has seen continual growth across its network, and will carry over two million passengers this year on its scheduled services, charter services, and a Paris-based wet lease programme for Air France.
CityJet now employs almost 500 staff, with over 300 based at its headquarters in Swords, County Dublin, and additional crew bases in London and Paris.

SAMCO, established in 1987, offers total maintenance support for Regional Airlines. Situated in Maastricht in the Netherlands, SAMCO's services include base maintenance, line maintenance throughout the world, logistics and spare part support as well as CAMO maintenance management and DOA design services.
As a Bombardier Authorized Service Facility, SAMCO is well known for its ability to provide flexible and tailored solutions for its customers and the level of service is considering by many as leading in its market segment.
for more information

12 August 2015, SAMCO completes modification program for a total of 11 ATR aircraft

SAMCO has finalized and completed a modification program that installs new Digital Flight Data Acquisition & Management Units (ED36) to the ATR fleet of ASL Airlines of Ireland.
The program ran from late October 2014 up to early August 2015.
The new DFDAMU units provide the operator with Airplane Performance Monitoring, Enhanced Surveillance (ADS-B), Quick Access Recorder (QAR/DAR) and Aircraft Condition Monitoring (ACMS) functionality.

With its ATR fleet, ASL Airlines (formerly Air Contractors) operates scheduled freight services for FedEx Feeder throughout Europe.

16 June 2015, Bombardier appoints SAMCO as the world's first C Series ASF

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that it has appointed SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance B.V. of the Netherlands as its first Authorized Service Facility (ASF) for the all-new C Series family of airliners.
Under the ASF agreement, which takes effect immediately, SAMCO will offer C Series aircraft operators with maintenance services that include: start-up support, line maintenance, base maintenance and continued airworthiness management, from its facilities located at the Maastricht Airport in Beek, Netherlands.
Bombardier has booked orders and commitments for 603 C Series aircraft, which include firm orders for 243.


15 June 2015, SAMCO and Wideroe celebrate their long relationship with the completion of fiftieth C-check

At its maintenance base in Maastricht, SAMCO and Wideroe (Widerøe's Flyveselskap) have celebrated the completion and delivery of the fiftieth C check on the airline's Bombardier Dash 8 fleet.
As one of SAMCO's long term customers, Wideroe contracts part of their heavy maintenance work to SAMCO.


22 May 2015, SAMCO expands line activities in Kenya

SAMCO has expanded it's line maintenance operation in Nairobi's Wilson Airport in Kenya. As from the 22nd of May, SAMCO supports the operation of Skyward Express by performing all line maintenance activities on their Bombardier Q400 fleet.

1 January 2015, SAMCO completes implementation of new ERP system

SAMCO has successfully completed the implementation of it's new ERP and Maintenance Management system "Wings". Wings is a nose-to-tail MRO software solution developed by Applied Database Technologies (USA) and was seamlessly integrated into the existing processes. With this new MRO system we are future proof and confident that we continue to provide outstanding service and customer experience.

10 November 2014, Redelivery of two EMB190 aircrafts to Bora Jet and Cobham

In July and November two EMB190 aircraft have been redelivered by SAMCO to Bora Jet in Turkey and Cobham in Australia. Both EMB190 aircraft came from Augsburg Airways, that positioned its entire fleet of 10 aircraft to the SAMCO facilities at Maastricht Aachen Airport at the end of 2013.

31 October 2014, SAMCO expands its line activities in Ivory Coast

SAMCO has recently expanded it's Line Station portfolio to include Abidjan's Port Bouet Airport in Ivory Coast. This is the result of closing an agreement with Air Cote d'Ivoire for line maintenance support on their fleet of Bombardier Q400 aircraft.


9 September 2014, SAMCO expands Line Maintenance Support with CRJ1000 for Arik Air

On the 1st of September SAMCO has started additional Line Maintenance Support for a new "CRJ1000" NextGen aircraft, which has been added to its fleet by Arik Air in Lagos, Nigeria.


19 May 2014, Future of Maastricht Airport secured

On Friday the 16th of May, the Provincial Council of the Dutch province of Limburg has voted in favour of acquiring Maastricht Aachen Airport from Omniport. The UK based airport investment and management company will return the Southern Netherlands airport to the Limburg government which will seek new ownership and financial investments for further airport development.
The political decision will secure the airport's future and it's contribution to regional employment for the next decade.


18 November 2013, EASA approval to extend Part-21 Design Organisation approval

November 2013; SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance received EASA approval to extend its Part-21 Design Organisation approval (ref EASA.21J.075) with primary metallic structure for non-critical parts.

With the Design Organisation approval SAMCO is authorized to design minor changes and minor repairs to aircraft in the following areas:

• Metallic and composite structures
• Equipment and Furnishing
• Aircraft electrical systems and avionics

Currently the Design Organisation terms of approval covers the following listed aircraft types:

Manufacturer Aircraft type
Avions de Transport Régional ATR 42-200/300/400/500 series
Avions de Transport Régiona ATR 72-100/200 series
Bombardier DHC-8-100/200/300
Bombardier DHC-8-400
Bombardier CL-600-2C10/-2D15/-2D24/-2E25
Bombardier CL-600-2B19
Embraer EMB-120
Embraer EMB-135/145 series
Embraer ERJ-170/190 series
Fokker Fokker 27 series
Fokker Fokker 28 series
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker HS125 series
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP
Hawker Beechcraft Model 4000
Viking Air DHC-6 series

18 November 2013, EASA Part M CAMO type approval for the EMBRAER ERJ 190

SAMCO received the EASA Part M CAMO type approval for the EMBRAER ERJ 190 on Friday the 22nd of November. The addition of the ERJ190 to the portfolio is especially interesting for lessors looking for CAMO coverage during non operational periods. SAMCO is able to further offer holdership and additional support services to facilitate smooth lease transitions.

1 November 2013, Augsburg Airways positions complete fleet of 8 Dash-8Q400 and 2 Erj190’s at Maastricht Airport

Augsburg Airways has positioned the entire fleet of 10 aircraft to the SAMCO facilities at Maastricht Aachen Airport. The contract entails full maintenance and continuing airworthiness support for the period that the aircraft are being remarketed and prepared for the next owner. It is expected that the aircraft will remain in Maastricht for a number of months where the aircraft will be prepared for the next buyer.

10 July 2013, SAMCO opens an additional ERJ190 Line Station.

Started on the 10th of July SAMCO has opened an additional Erj190 Line Maintenance station in Cassablanca Morocco. The two aircraft operation will be operated By Denimair ACMI for Royal Air Maroc.

22 June 2013, SAMCO's 25th year of operation.

On the 22nd of June it has been 25 years since SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has opened its doors for Base Maintenance checks at Maastricht Airport.

Over the years SAMCO developed into a "Turn key" service provider with Line, Base, CAMO and DOA support services. The 25 years of successful operation is a major milestone and accomplishment. The current portfolio and activities are a sound basis for a stable future whereby there is suficient room & capacity to accommodate future growth in the various areas of operation.

18 April 2013, SAMCO Line Maintenance ERJ190

FLYNONSTOP & Denim signed up for a two year Maintenance Support Contract in Kristiansand Norway. Services will commence on the 18th of April from the operating base Kristiansand. SAMCO will give full Line Maintenance support. Continuing Airworthiness responsibilities will be transferred later this spring to the SAMCO CAMO organization.

27 March 2013, 27 march 2013. SAMCO receives EASA ERJ 190 maintenance approval

SAMCO received the EASA Part145 EMBRAER ERJ 190 maintenance capability extension on Friday the 27th of March. The addition of the ERJ190 to the portfolio is a development in line with the growth strategy and development off new capabilities for SAMCO for which the CRJ700/900/1000 was added to the capabilities in an earlier stage.

31 January 2013, Maastricht Airlines.

SAMCO has been selected by Maastricht Airlines to support the Line operation which will start at the beginning on the end of March. Maastricht Airlines will start with two Fokker 50 aircraft operating from the home base Maastricht. SAMCO will give full Line Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness and Logistics support.

20 December 2012, Yakutia Airlines signes up for a 2 year CAMO & Line Maintenance support contract.

Yakutia Airlines, a domestic passenger carrier based in the northeast region of Russia, will fly three Q400 aircraft, with the first one having arrived this week at Yakutsk Airport. Yakuatia has signed up with SAMCO for a two year CAMO & Line Maintenance support contract. SAMCO staff will support the operation and will work together with the Yakutia team on site in order to ensure a smooth entry into service.

25 October 2012, SAMCO starts Line Maintenance and CAMO support at RwandAir CRJ900’s

25 October 2012, SAMCO starts Line Maintenance and CAMO support at RwandAir CRJ900’s

SAMCO has been contracted by Bombardier to support RwandAir with the Entry into Service of this aircraft [Line Maintenance and CAMO] and expects to enter into a long term agreement between SAMCO and RwandAir after the EIS period has been completed. In addition, 2 engineers from SAMCO have been on site in Kigali supporting RwandAir since August with the development of Line Maintenance procedures and preparation for the aircraft operation. The CEO of RwandAir, Mr. John Mirenge expressed his appreciation to the outstanding support given to his team so far.

The first aircraft has been accepted by RwandAir in Canada and arrived on the 23th of October in Rwanda, Kigali, where a ceremony was held upon the arrival of the aircraft. Two SAMCO engineers, whom have been supporting RwandAir during the delivery in Montreal, were on-board during the ferry flight to Kigali.

The second aircraft arrived shortly after and both aircraft have commenced revenue service the 28th of October.

The addition of the CRJ 700/900/1000 to the capabilities of SAMCO is a great step forward for SAMCO to secure the future with “Next Gen” aircraft.

Below-stated a press release from Bombardier in relation to the start of the RwandAir CRJ900 operation:

RwandAir Takes Delivery of its First CRJ900 NextGen Airliner from Bombardier

Source: Bombardier

Bombardier Aerospace has delivered the first of two CRJ900 NextGen regional jets ordered by RwandAir of Kigali, Rwanda. RwandAir's firm order for the CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, along with options for two additional CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, was announced on March 19, 2012.

The aircraft was handed over to RwandAir during a ceremony at Bombardier's Mirabel, Quebec facility where the CRJ Series aircraft are manufactured. The ceremony was attended by H.E. Edda Mukabagwiza, Rwanda's High Commissioner to Canada; John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer, RwandAir, along with other representatives from the airline; officials from the government of Rwanda; Mike Arcamone, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and several Bombardier executives and staff.

"We are very proud to introduce the CRJ900 NextGen aircraft to East Africa," said Mr. Mirenge. "Our 50-seat CRJ200 aircraft has helped expand our markets to the point where larger capacity aircraft are required to meet passenger demand. The CRJ900 NextGen jetliner is a natural progression from the CRJ200 aircraft that has served us so well. In addition, the larger aircraft have a two-class, 75-seat interior that will allow us to offer a premium service."

"RwandAir is a perfect example of a customer that successfully integrates pre-owned CRJ200 aircraft, establishes a base and grows to become a customer of new aircraft. The CRJ900 NextGen aircraft is the ideal size to allow RwandAir to connect its regional and international markets as it looks to expand its fleet and services with modern, fuel-efficient CRJ aircraft," said Mr. Arcamone.

"We at Bombardier are very impressed by RwandAir's steady growth since it began operations in 2002. Today, it is a dynamic airline and the CRJ900 NextGen aircraft will offer it even more operational flexibility," added Mr. Arcamone.

There are currently more than 200 Bombardier regional jets and turboprop aircraft in service with, or on firm order from, approximately 50 operators in the Middle East and Africa. Bombardier projects that over the next 20 years, the fleet of Bombardier commercial aircraft in the Middle East and Africa will continue to grow, forecasting deliveries of 970 aircraft in the 20- to 149-seat market segments during that period.

8 June 2012, SAMCO and Denim ACMI strengthen relationship

Denim ACMI and SAMCO have strengthened their relationship by signing an agreement that transfers Part-M subpart-G tasks to the SAMCO Continuing Airworthiness Department. The agreement applies to all aircraft within the Denim ACMI fleet and shows SAMCO’s committing and professional approach towards AOC holders.

For more information please contact:
Please visit for more information on Denim ACMI.

21 May 2012, New operation in Central Africa

SAMCO appointed for phase-in of new aircraft and start-up of the maintenance facility in Central Africa for Rwandair.
In the second quarter of this year, SAMCO was appointed as the leading entity that handles the phase-in of two regional jets and the startup of the airline’s maintenance organization. In additional to these two major roles, SAMCO will also provide Part-M Continuing Airworthiness Management for the fleet.

For more information, please contact:

10 February 2012, New long term CAMO agreements

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has signed long term Part-M CAMO agreements with Trade Air (Republic of Croatia) and Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation (Democratic Republic of Congo).
With these new customers, SAMCO continuous to expand in the field of airworthiness management on the Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 airframes.

For more information please contact:

4 May 2011, SAMCO expands its CAMO approval with Bombardier DHC-8-400

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has expanded its CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) approval with the Bombardier DHC-8-400 aircraft type. With the CAMO approval SAMCO is authorized to manage the airworthiness of aircraft that are not involved in commercial air transport, based on its own maintenance program, including the Airworthiness Review privilege to issue recommendations and/or Airworthiness Review Certificates as specified in § M.A.710.

Currently the CAMO scope of approval covers the following listed aircraft types:

- Bombardier DHC-8-100/200/300

- Bombardier DHC-8-400

- Fokker 50/60

- Fokker 70/100

1 December 2010, December 2010, MRO Management - Going Dutch

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has developed a strong reputation as an MRO provider for regional airlines. Ian Harbison reports from Maastricht

Although SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance was formed in 1988, it emerged from the engineering activities of Schreiner Airways, being part of the Schreiner Aviation Group, which was founded in 1945. Schreiner always operated a number of fixed and rotary wing aircraft worldwide but early 2000 it gradually turned back to it’s roots being a helicopter operator in the oil and gas industry. This led to the company being purchased by the Canadian Helicopter Corporation, CHC, in 2004. As a result, SAMCO was no longer a core business and became the subject of a management buyout.

One outcome of the MBO was the need to move the company culture away from being a subsidiary or “in house” maintenance organisation of an operator to being a competitor in the international market. This required various major changes in the organization. Not only in the area of IT reporting systems, facilities and personnel training but also in the cost structure. Greater flexibility was achieved following successful negotiations with the unions. Staff are contracted and paid for an agreed number of hours per year, plus a profit share. This allows maximum flexibility in matching labour to capacity, with overtime paid only in exceptional circumstances, says Constant van Schaik, CEO, and often allows a fast response to flexibility in market demand and requests for on site help to customers. He adds that SAMCO not only has to compete with MROs in lower cost areas but even with the likes of Fokker in the Netherlands or for instance KLMuk or Flybe in the UK, thanks to the euro/sterling exchange rate at the moment. However, he believes there is now a greater internal understanding of the company’s position and ambitions and is very optimistic. We have proven that our strategy works and that we have been able to adapt to the new setting whereby we have been able to have a good cost/quality ratio and are able to utilise our resources in the most productive manner.

The company now has 135 permanent staff and five bays in two hangars. It has capabilities covering the ATR 42/72, Bombardier Dash 8/Q Series aircraft (including the Q400) and CRJ200, Embraer ERJ 135/145 and Fokker 50 and 70/100. It became a Bombardier Recognized Service Facility in April 2009 and is part of a network including the OEM in Toronto, Flybe Aviation Services in the UK and Hawker Pacific in Australia. SAMCO’s primary responsibility is to provide Base and Field support for aircraft based in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, although others can be directed to Maastricht by the OEM.

The wide range of capabilities is a burden and a strength, he says, requiring a greater investment in training, parts and equipment but offering greater flexibility in meeting fluctuations in market demand. In 2008 and first half of 2009 , he was turning work away, while in the early part of 2010, he says it is possible to see who is driving down prices to get work. Although demand has dropped, he used this period as an opportunity to further invest in Bombardier Classics and Q400 training and invest in training programs with the Aviation Competence centre , located next door of SAMCO, in order to further increase the, Part 66 qualified ,permanent staff base.

Some 60% of turnover is taken up by base maintenance, followed by line maintenance (25%), Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) (10%) and design (5%).

Base Maintenance

As well as maintenance up to D checks, SAMCO can also handle Out Of Phase work, cycles/hours checks, structural repairs, modifications, cargo conversion, interior refurbishments and avionic installations. These have included an E-class cargo interior for Fokker 50s and fuselage and door hinge modifications for ATR 72 freighters. Avionics installations typically include FMS, TCAS/Mode S, EGPWS/TAWS, ELTs and flight following.

Supporting workshops handle wheels and brakes, batteries, minor composite and paint repairs and full interior refurbishment. There is no need to invest heavily in much more than this explains van Schaik because additional support is readily available, although care needs to be taken to watch the margins with outsourcing in order to avoid a price increase for the customer versus doing the work in house. The outsourcing should be an advantage for our customers both cost wise and turn around time wise.

It takes from a few hours to less than half a day to reach OEM support centres in Amsterdam (Fokker Services), Frankfurt (Bombardier) and Paris (Embraer & ATR), while engine support can be provided by Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey StandardAero, just 70km away, or MSI Aircraft Maintenance Services International in Ruesselsheim, both close to Frankfurt, the latter two also having regularly working parties in the SAMCO hangar at Maastricht. There is a radome repair shop an hour away, while other composite repairs will likely be sent to KVE Composites, another member of the Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard (see separate story), as is Hamilton Sundstrand for propellers and Maastricht Aviation Aircraft Services for aircraft painting. The latter is actually very important, as it frees up a bay for five to seven days, he comments and increases our flexibility and ability to provide a complete service to our customers.

To coop with the increasing demand from aircraft leasing companies for long term parking and maintenance services the company has negotiated favourable long term parking charges with the airport and this has provided quite a number of care and maintenance contracts from leasing companies. At present, the Fokker 50 & 100 accounts for most of the stored aircraft, but it still has a niche market and SAMCO can benefit from heavy checks and reconfiguration work before delivery to a new customer. For the same reason, the Fokker 50 was the first type on the list in November 2009, when Dutch CAA approval was received as a Part-M CAMO. This was followed by the Fokker 70/100 in April, Dash-8 in October this year and the ATR 42/72 and ERJ 135/145 are anticipated in the near future.

One challenge of working with older aircraft is that they can arrive from an operator in a remote area with a very small fleet. This can result in tricky situations where an aircraft might be delayed because spares supplied by the airline arrive late, or a significant amount of extra work is needed on the airframe or components because of their condition or the change to the scope of work during the base visit. There is also a tendency for some of these operators to request a slot at short notice. This is where SAMCO’s flexibility comes to the fore, says van Schaik. Our aim is to maintain our agreed slot and deliver the aircraft in time.

Our efforts to establish a position in the international market in the field of Regional Aircraft has been rewarded by Bombardier by granting the Recognized Service Facility approval, but also has been acknowledged by a number of clients entering long term contracts. For example, we are now into the second year of a three-year contract with Widerøe of Norway, under which it carry out base maintenance checks, major modifications and upgrades and other work that Widerøe chooses to outsource from its facility in Bødo.

Line Maintenance

SAMCO currently has ten line maintenance stations, including Athens, Geneva, Luxembourg and Olbia, Tripoli in Libya, Kabul (in support of a Denim Air, Dutch registered Fokker 50) and Lagos. The number of stations fluctuates, as they can be on short term contracts to support start up operations. Many of them, particularly in Africa, come from contacts made during the Schreiner days. In all cases, the company’s reputation is on the line as with the supply of Line Maintenance Services you are an extension of an airline and will be directly affected if aircraft don’t fly. Our challenge is to ensure that we find the right combination of engineers for a particular operator as it is important to understand the culture and way of cooperation between the MRO and the operator, which might vary from operator to operator. With our experience and the method that we operate we are able to keep a close watch on things despite the often large distance between our stations and our home base in Maastricht

The history of the company, being part of Schreiner Airways and having been a maintenance provider working worldwide, where short notice start ups were part of the day to day activites, has also been useful in another way, as the company is often called upon at short notice to provide working parties to deal with urgent requirements in the field such as bird strike repairs in Lagos, engine change to a Fokker 100 at a desert airstrip in the Sahara or major structural repairs to an Embraer ERJ 145 that had been hit by a vehicle in Africa, to smaller jobs such as troubleshooting support services.

An extension of the line maintenance services is assistance with start up operations, allowing an airline to develop its own capabilities supported by SAMCO staff. For example, in April 2009, SATA –Air Açores acquired two Bombardier Q200s from Horizon Air, while anticipating the arrival of four Q400s that were delivered earlier this year. SAMCO provided under SAMCO’s approval line maintenance support for these aircraft and provided on-the-job training, including troubleshooting skills, for SATA staff. With the arrival of the Q400s, it carried out the same work again, allowing the airline to focus on retiring its BAe ATP aircraft and type-train their staff on the Bombardier aircraft. Set ups like this have been proven to be very succefull.

It was also involved with another European carrier that acquired a number of Q400s as feeders for its main operations with Airbus A320 Family, A330 and Boeing 737 aircraft. The airline used SAMCO to get its personnel up to speed on the new type without distracting from its daily business.

As well as providing tooling support on a rental basis, the company can also assist with spares packages. This includes advice on those items that are most likely to affect reliability balanced against the investment levels required. While the company has a spares inventory at Maastricht, packages will often be negotiated with specialist suppliers, with SAMCO taking responsibility for al logistics. It can also look after the management and outsourcing of repairs, including exchanges and consignment stock.

The CAMO and DOA activity and Maintenance management services which SAMCO has been performing since the 1990’s under Schreiner Airways has been generating a steady flow of work with long term contracts such as for example with Baboo in Switzerland, and Arik Air in Nigeria, both for Q400s.

This inevitably leads to van Schaik’s long term plan, which is to further strengthen our name in the international market by being a high quality total care provider, covering base maintenance, line maintenance, logistics support, maintenance management and field support. Van Schaik is confident that with the changes and company’s strategy he will achieve the set targets and be able to adapt to the changing market As the Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard grows, bringing more support services closer to SAMCO, other aircraft types and further specific activities are being planned. In a few years time, new hangars should be available as part of the MMB. In the meantime, he is working hard to consolidate the success so far and to try to take advantage of a recovering market.


1 November 2010, November 2010, SAMCO extends Bombardier Authorised Service Facility agreement for 5 years

This week Samco Aircraft Maintenance has extended the Authorised Service Facility agreement with Bombardier for another 5 years. This means that Bombardier has fully confidence in Samco to support their product and will recommend Samco to their customers.

1 September 2010, September 2010, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines – Third-party politics

What advantages are there for airlines in choosing third-party maintenance providers, and which areas benefit most from being outsourced?


1 August 2010, August 2010, SAMCO extends CAMO capabilities with the Dash-8 series

Samco Aircraft Maintenance has expanded its Part-M approval (ref NL.MG.8120) with the Bombardier Dash 8 series aircraft type. This further expansion of our Part-M approval together with our Bombardier accreditation as an Authorized Service Facility, provides a high quality and competitive services portfolio for the Dash 8 airframe.

Together with our Part-145 and Part-21 approvals, Samco provides a competitive service to aircraft owners and lessors when moving aircraft between operators.

1 May 2010, May 2010, SAMCO agrees on long term parking conditions with MAA Airport

Recently, Samco Aircraft Maintenance has agreed on new conditions concerning long-term aircraft parking areas with MAA Airport. This makes it possible for Samco to store more aircrafts on the airport side in future.

13 April 2010, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance expands Part-M approval with F100 and ARC

Maastricht Airport, April 13, 2010 - SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has expanded its Part-M approval (ref NL.MG.8120) with the Fokker F100 aircraft type and has also been recognized as an Part-M subpart I organisation for the renewal of Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC). With this expansion of its capabilities, SAMCO can now offer import and transfer services for aircraft when these are delivered to new operators for both the Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 airframes.

Together with their Part-145 and Part-21 approvals, SAMCO is now able to provide a competitive service to aircraft owners and lessors when moving aircraft between operators.

About SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance
SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, established in 1988, is an independent third party maintenance provider for a complete range of regional jet and turboprop aircraft.
Our modern, fully equipped facility is located in the heart of Europe, at Maastricht Airport in the South of The Netherlands. This base supports a wide range of aircraft maintenance activities varying from heavy base-maintenance checks, line-maintenance, CAMO approved Continuing Airworthiness services, logistic support, asset and maintenance management to EASA Part 21 approved design changes.

Contact: Andre Velda
Tel: +31-43-358 79 53
Cell: +31-6-50243228



Maastricht, Nov 6, 2009 - SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance based at Maastricht Airport has received CAA-NL approval to act as a Part-M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization. With the CAMO approval SAMCO is authorized to manage the airworthiness of aircraft that are not involved in commercial air transport, based on its own maintenance program. The Fokker 50/60 is the first type on the approval and within the next days SAMCO will expand their approval schedule to include the Fokker 70/100, CRJ 200, ERJ-145 and Dash 8 type aircraft.

Together with their Part-145 and Part-21 approvals, SAMCO is now able to provide a competitive service to aircraft owners and lessors when moving aircraft between operators.

About SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance
SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, established in 1988, is an independent third party maintenance provider for a complete range of regional jet and turboprop aircraft.
Our modern, fully equipped facility is located in the heart of Europe, at Maastricht Airport in the South of The Netherlands. This base supports a wide range of aircraft maintenance activities varying from heavy base-maintenance checks, line-maintenance, CAMO approved Continuing Airworthiness services, logistic support, asset and maintenance management to EASA Part 21 approved design changes.

Contact: Andre Velda
Tel: +31-43-358 79 53
Cell: +31-6-50243228

23 September 2009, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance expands activities on the Fokker 70/100

On par with the growth plans of SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance and the recent expansion of the facility with additional hangar space at Maastricht Aachen Airport, SAMCO was pleased to welcome the first Fokker 100 in Maastricht for a Base Maintenance visit. Besides Base Maintenance activities on the Fokker 100, SAMCO also intends to provide Line Maintenance on this type in the EMEA region, for which the first contract has been signed this week.

The development of the F100 support seamlessly fits the package of services SAMCO already offers on for instance the Dash-8 as Factory Recognized Service Facility. At SAMCO, operators can select a service package varying from a Total Care Package to a single activity such as Line Maintenance support.

At this moment SAMCO provides services on the Fokker 50, 70, 100, ATR, Embraer 120, 145 and Dash-8 series aircraft. Together with Base Maintenance, the 12 Line Stations, Continuing Airworthiness, the Part 21 approval and soon a CAMO approval, SAMCO is capable of placing a complete product on the market of which both starting and existing operators and lease companies make use of.

3 July 2009, Wideroe / SAS group

Wideroe has signed up with SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance for a three year Base Maintenance Contract.
The contract is an agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for the Base Maintenance Checks, major modifications and upgrades and other work that Wideroe chooses to outsource to SAMCO.
Due to the increase in aircraft and operational activity at Wideroe the contract with SAMCO is a logical choice in order to ensure that Wideroe has access to the required additional Base Maintenance capacity on top of the capacity available at the home base of Wideroe in Bodo, Norway.


10 April 2009, Province grants subsidy

Province Limburg and aircraft engineer school Leeuwenborgh invest in educational facility at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

Province Limburg grants a subsidy of almost €1,3 million to the Aviation Competence Centre project. The Aviation Competence Centre will be established at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The project Aviation Competence Centre fits within the policy plan Talentrijke Regio, the strengthening of technical education in the area, and increasing the inflow of new students. This project has also been included in the development of the plans for the Westelijke Mijnstreek, and contributes to the strength of Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The educational facility at the airport is the result of close cooperation with other partners and aircraft maintenance companies at the airport.

Leeuwenborg Opleidingen is the party ultimately responsible. The most important pillars of the project are: increase of inflow and outflow of qualified aircraft engineers, structural cooperation with the business community and new accommodation.

Leeuwenborgh Opleidingen has been training aircraft maintenance staff at the airport for eight years. It is important that students can obtain a complete European Part-66 certification, next to a Dutch diploma. This kind of education has specific accomodation requirements.

The new building will be finished in 2010

The airport has sufficient free space for the establishment of aircraft maintenance companies, and those could enable MAA to become a strong player in the field of aircraft maintenance. The LIOF, MAA, the city of Beek and province Limburg have been successfully dedicated to this regional development.

Both companies and schools, united in a new Aviation Competence Centre, are responsible for optimal cooperation and education of top quality. Leeuwenborgh Opleidingen, the joint partners, the maintenance companies and province Limburg are responsible for realization of the project.


9 April 2009, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance Becomes Bombardier's Second Recognized Service Facility for Dash 8/Q-Series Aircraft in Europe

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance Becomes Bombardier's Second Recognized Service Facility for Dash 8/Q-Series Aircraft in Europe

Bombardier Aerospace announces today that SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance B.V. has been selected as a Recognized Service Facility (RSF) for the Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft. Located at Maastricht Airport in Beek, the Netherlands, SAMCO will service aircraft based in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Under an RSF agreement, SAMCO is recognized by Bombardier as a quality service provider for “C” checks and other heavy maintenance on all Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft. The company can also perform aircraft modifications and upgrades on Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft.

The Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft, including the Q400 airliner, are flown extensively throughout the region with over 300 in service or on firm order from operators in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

”Accrediting SAMCO as a Bombardier RSF assures potential customers that the company has met Bombardier’s expectations for quality service and customer attention,“ said Todd Young, Vice President, Customer Services and Support, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “The combination of SAMCO’s advanced maintenance facilities and highly professional personnel will provide exceptional and cost-effective maintenance services to the Dash 8/Q-Series customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.”

SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance is Bombardier’s third RSF in Europe, joining Adria Airways of Slovenia and Flybe of England. Adria Airways services CRJ Series aircraft while Flybe services Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft continues to expand its international presence, with over 70 per cent of its Dash 8/Q-Series operators based outside of North America. This latest announcement follows Bombardier’s RSF accreditation in Oceania to Hawker Pacific for Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft and in Asia to STAECO of Jinan, People’s Republic of China for CRJ Series aircraft.

In North America, Bombardier provides heavy maintenance for CRJ Series aircraft at West Virginia Air Center in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Tucson Air Center, Arizona. Bombardier also provides line maintenance for CRJ Series aircraft at Ronald Reagan Washington National, D.C.

About SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance

Established in 1987 as an independent third party maintenance provider for a complete range of regional jet and turboprop aircraft, SAMCO’s modern fully equipped facility provides a vast array of aircraft maintenance activities, including heavy base maintenance checks, line maintenance, logistic support, continuing airworthiness, structural repairs, and structural & avionics modification programs. SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance has an EASA part 21 DOA approval for the design of minor changes and repairs on the aircraft. News and information are available at

About Bombardier

A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2009, were $19.7 billion US, and its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). Bombardier is listed as an index component to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes. News and information are available at

Bombardier, CRJ, Dash 8 and Q400 are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.


6 March 2009, MRO Management – Airframes: 42 + 72 = 25

MRO Management – Airframes: 42 + 72 = 25